The Maiers
Mrs. Maier

Sabine Maier was born in the Black Forest in 1965, grew up there, and moved to Freiburg at 18 to finish school. There she began to design and make clothing, then moved to Kassel to study Art & Design, where she also began to act. She then moved to England, studying performing arts with Fooltime in Bristol and learning acrobatics, dance, juggling and flying. She then returned to Germany and met Herr Maier after which they both flew to Brussels to the "sans filet" school of circus.

In 1990 they moved to Berlin, where they had a hand in the rebirth of variety theatre.  There followed engagements in Paris, Vienna, Barcelona, New York, Seattle, San Francisco etc. She designs and makes stage costumes. 1996 saw the birth of her eldest daughter, Luca Eleonora, Branca Yolanda followed in 1999 and in 2006 August Valentin.





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The Maiers
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